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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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>> good morning. a massive search operation is underway for a missing boy in waukesha. >> the ten-year-old has autism and not able to talk. this is ten-year-old andrew ounkam. now the emergency crews and neighbors are out working and trying to find him. >> he was last seen running a cornfield. overnight the authorities set up a command post at the rivers crossing point. thema ponton is live in waukesha with the latest. thema? >> well, melinda and ben, this is all-out efforts to find this ten-year-old boy. take a look here, this is the scene in rivers crossing park.
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the volunteers are at waukesha west high school and joining the search and told where they are going to be looking for ten-year-old andrew ounkam. we have his picture. police say he was last seen yesterday at 3:45 afternoon. people have been searching the area for him ever since. the crews on the ground and in the air and trying to spot the family is out here as well. he spoke to his 11-year-old brother yesterday. >> i am just nervous for him. i hope he's good. i am thankful for everyone trying to find him. i hope you guys find him. you are trying your hardest. i hope you do it. >> a plea from the family as the search the continuing this morning.
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the volunteers are making their way here from the waukesha west high school. the authorities tell us he's been diagnosed with atuchl and he's nonverbal and was wearing a blue shirt and gray shorts. i can tell you it is cold out here and foggy and the urgency is real in finding this ten-year-old. we are continuing to keep you updated back to you. >> thema, recapping, waukesha police are looking for a missing boy, the picture is up on the screen now. ten-year-old andrew ounkam seen running into a field behind his home near still water circle and ox bow drive. the crews and volunteers have been searching. if you want to help, meet at
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the day on wisn 12. >> the news time is 6:03. a lot of eyes are on the forecast as the search for the missing boy continues. it is cool and foggy and impedes the search for the little boy, sal. >> the temperatures are in low 50s. foggy conditions have improved some across the city of waukesha. earlier it was a half mile or less. that is true in washington, fond du lac and dodge and jefferson counties as well. dense fog advisories are in place until 10:00. quick look at the satellite and radar, we are dry. low moisture. 55 over 52 at mitchell.
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for today mix out the fog and welcome sunshine and going up to the mid 60s. >> thank you, sal. now to traffic watch 12, 2 drive to work taking a little longer than usual. that is because of a closier in the zoo interchange. the ramp to 94 east bound is closed. this is impacting anyone driving from the north, towards downtown milwaukee. for more on the matt salemme. good morning, matt. >> good morning, the first morning of the closure is the most difficult. you have a couple of options. exit water town plank road and take that to the south. or exit at blue mound and head to 84th street and enter i-94.
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well, exit at greenfield and take it to 84th street. there are a couple of ways around it. right now it is not so busy. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, good advice there. if you are driving through the zoo interchange, a new law going into affect, you can no longer talk on your cell phone in a construction zone. a new wisconsin law started on saturday. if you are caught cell phone, you can be fined 40 to a hundred dollars. >> this morning the investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that destroyed 30 school buses. smoke from the flames could be seen from miles away. no one was hurt. but the drivers are saddened by the loss. >> the company is great to work for.
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>> i am coming up to nine years. i can't quit because i love the littles and driving a bus. >> the company serves 8 school districts and thousands of students. all students will have a bus this morning. >> no playoffs for the brewers, but while it was a rebuilding season, the brew crew finished five games above the record from last year. the brew history, santana with a record strikeout for the season. they beat the colorado rockies 6-4. >> the season is over for the brewers, but for the bucks, just getting warmed up. they are kicking off a preseason today in chicago. they held an open practice yesterday. the team scrimmaged for an hour
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players. how cool is that. can't wait for the season to start. >> so this morning, if you are headed out, it is a little foggy out there. >> yes, that is right. sal, closer to the lake less fog? >> yes. visibility is better along the lake early this morning. we are dealing with a combination of the patchy fog and fair skies overall. it is mostly inland and across and jefferson counties and a dense fog advisory is in place for this morning. as we get a peek at the visibility, we are looking at the rougher drive there today. along the lake visibility is better. now for today, we see the patchy fog this morning and becoming partners. the highs up to the mid 60s. nice to see the sun. matt?
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fog. the choper is parked this morning. 41 at holy hill it is moving nicely. remember, that ramp to 94 eastbound is closed and use watertown plank or blue mound. green across the system. if you are getting ready to head out, the travel times are looking good... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. this morning we continue t waukesha. >> a massive search operation is underway for a ten-year-old little boy. he was last seen running into a cornfield behind his home. the authorities and volunteers have been looking for andrew. the ten-year-old has autism and not able to talk. >> 6:08.
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of the strongest storms in recent memory. thousands are taking cover this morning and the countrys that are bracing for land fall. >> the big name you watch every day who is coming to downtown milwaukee during the winter time.
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>> this morning, store shelves are bare. people of haiti brace for hurricane matthew. the nation is expected to see flash flooding and violent winds. matthew is now a category 4 storm right now. that is a strong storm, sal? 40 inches of rainfall for cuba and haiti and for jamaica. we are keeping a close eye. it is emerging to the atlantic and too early to tell where it is going to impact the united states. we'll keep you up to date on hurricane matthew. no to traffic and matt. >> it is quiet across the
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speeds. the plainfield curve here. no trouble in any direction. the closure in the zoo interchange. no delays right now. right now travel times are all in the green no. reason to worry, no reason to hurry. >> we are following the breaking news out of waukesha. the police are lki ten-year-old little boy. someone spotted the boy running into a cornfield behind his house near still water circle and oxbow drive. police say that andrew is diagnosed with autism and he's not able to talk. andrew was last seen wearing a blue shirt and gray shorts. if you have seen him call 911.
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for donald trump as former apprentice candidates are coming forward and accusing him of sexism. >> ben, this morning the trump campaign is denying the associated press report after the interviews with the former apprentice candidates. a bomb shell report from the ap. citing more than 20 people from the apprentice donald trump used sexist language and rating the female contestants by the size of the breasts. another report coming out on the trump taxes and he may have avoided taxes for two decades after suffering a $916 million tax loss in 1995. >> the reality is this is part of the tax code, the man is a
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the tax code for the benefit of the people he's serving. >> the idea he didn't have to pay taxes for 20 years. >> as the clinton campaign pushes back, she visited a church in charlotte. >> we pray for all families that suffered similar losses. >> and overnight, she picked up an enboresment from lebron james. james wrote when looking a presidential race, only one candidate understands the struggles of an african-american boy born into poverty. >> hillary clinton is campaigning in ohio today. donald trump makes two stops in colorado. >> new this morning, anderson cooper is coming to milwaukee to the riverside theatre january 13th. it is calling an evening of conversation shs personal
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>> white fish bay man is headed to hawaii later today, but not for a relaxing vacation. he's leaving for the big island to compete in the ironman world championship. we first introduced you to james a year ago after the ironman in louisville. the contest includes 2.4 mile swim, then be it, 112 mile bike ride, that's from like here to oh i don't know. >> past chicago. >> yes. basically on a bike from here to chicago and then he goes and runs a full marathon.
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8:48:53. that is a shift here on the morning show. you come into work and go. he says that the goal is making his family proud. >> finishing with my family at the finish line. we have a big group going there and sharing the experience with them. >> so the ironman world shoop is taking place in hawaii on can't eat a lot while doing the ironman, but coca-cola is fuelling themselves with. >> you can't eat solids because of running, swimming and biking. con grats to him. >> honoring one of our own.
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here. >> yesterday he was inducted into the silver circle. it is a lifetime honor. the ceremony was at the italian conference center. we offer a big congratulations to shawn. even after all these years, shawn, he's passionate about details. >> he said it all yesterday, he loves his job. >> we love him. >> yes we do. congratulations to shawn. it is a great privilege to be part of a group there yesterday. >> early this morning, patchy fog.
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then clouds are passing by and sunshine. 70s in the forecast for this week. this morning we start with the patchy fog. half mile visability of less in washington and fond du lac county and watertown and juneau zero. beaver dam, lowell reports of fog. the fog is improves in waukesha as ten-year-old andrew. dense fog advisory covering southern wisconsin until 10:00 for this morning. big picture looks like this. high pressure is influencing the system. 48 in waukesha. mid 50s at the airport. mix of sun and clouds for the day.
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tonight, lows tonight in the low 50s. for tomorrow, fog again early and the mix of sun and clouds as the temperatures are touching 70 and say 70 or better for wednesday and thursday. pretty good looking 7 day overall. rain in the forecast later on wednesday and especially for thursday. we get back to the 50s next weekend. >> sa 6:20. one of the world's most recognizable pop stars changing the way she does business. why lady gaga is trading in the
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>> good morning, watertown. thank you for the monday morning shoutout. we are stopping by classes across southeast wisconsin throughout the school year. if you are interested in scheduling a visit from one of
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home page and we'll try to schedule a time to stop by your class and stay hello. >> new this morning, a scary situation for kim kardashian. it is reported she was robbed gunpoint. they say that she was badly shaken up and physically unharmed. west was week. west was performing in new york city at the time. >> lady gaga is going on tour to promote the new album. but not in the way you would think. ?? >> the singing super star is performing at dive bars instead of arenas this week.
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at wednesday. could it be milwaukee? we have dive bars. >> we do, lots of them. the performances will be streamed live on facebook. it is a tribute to where she got her start. >> new this morning, a tubby tabby cat living at a hotel. >> what? waterville. oh, wow. can he walk? >> he doesn't need to walk. 31 pounds! that is a child. that is a small child. >> i love the name, logan. >> well, this video of this cat went viral after recent hotel guests -- he's barely moving here. this is viewed more than 29 million times. look at the legs. he can't support his own weight.
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received a lot of angry phone calls about his health. he's not overfed or mistreated. >> leave me alone. he's grumpy because -- who knows. >> there are ways to lose weight for the cats too. >> we'll see how that goes. >> $10,000 for a tank of gas. >> coming up, the glitch that led up to one family's pricey fill up. >> plus, piecing together what led up to a fatal train crash and the black boxes are not helping in the investigation. we'll be right back. >> first, we continue to follow breaking news out of waukesha, the police are looking for a missing child.
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yesterday afternoon. the crews and neighbors are been searching for him. the ten-year-old has autism and
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>> breaking news from overnight, a community coming together this morning to look for a missing boy. the search effort that's underway right now in waukesha. >> it has before over 12 hours since the boy was seen. >> this is the boy, ten-year-old andrew good morning, yesterday at 3:45 in the amp, ten-year-old andrew ounkam -- >> we seem to be having difficulties are the live feed. we are trying to get back to that in a moment. again, this is ten-year-old andrew ounkam and the authorities are looking for him now. we are going back to the feed
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we have had groups, wisconsin sos, wisconsin national guard, we have two different drone groups, one using fleer, we have a helicopter up now from the wisconsin national guard, wisconsin civil air patrol is here and we have an airplane coming to help us search for andrew. the other remarkable thing the search -- jurisdictions, some as far away as racine county. law enforcement and volunteers are putting in a lot of effort. if you would like to help today, at 6:00 a.m. volunteers and professionals started gathering at west high school, they went into door number 7, where they are gathering there, assembling
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scene and they'll be assigned to a search team. the other thing that the local residents can do, two things, one, before you drive out of your driveway or in front of the house today, please search under neath your car. children sometimes like to hide underneath cars. the second thing, if you can go out into search your play equipment, any type of covered objects where a child might hide throughout the evening. that's all i have for this briefing period. thank you. >> what is the plan today and the areas you are going to focus on? >> we are assembling a large amount of volunteers and headed to the river.
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a path, a trail? >> what we found so far is his scooter. other than that, i'm not sure if the investigators have found a trail. >> do they have dogs out? >> i'm not aware of that. >> the scooter belongs to him? >> yes. [speaker off mic] >> we have a blue shirt and shorts. we have detectives with the family and keeping them updated. we are learning any kind of investigative lead is relaid right away from the family. [speaker off mic] i'm sorry?
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searching for this little boy? >> right now, well, we have combined teams, the entire shift of officers down here and on coming shift. we have helpers from wisconsin incident command management system here, other professionals are assembling and west high school there are over 300 cars in the parking lot. [speaker off mic] able to speak. he may be fearful. if you identify him, call the waukesha police department 262-524-3831. or notify a volunteer. the volunteers will be flooded the area today. >> has he ever gone away from home before?
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intoes the field. but never for this long and he's easily locate bl in the past. this is the first time it is unique we have not been able to locate him. >> does he have a backpack or food or water? >> i'm unsure about that. >> thank you. thank you. >> you were listening to sergeant from the police department updating us on the search for the missing boy there. the people behind him there coming in to help find this little boy. 300 cars in the high school parking lot this morning. they opened up for volunteers to come in and try to help out with the search. >> here is a map of where is this happening this morning.
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cornfield. then over night, authorities set up a command post at rivers crossing park. >> anyone that would like to aid in the search can meet at waukesha west high school, enter through the pool doors. waukesha police trying to find ten-year-old andrew ounkam. we have our 12 news facebook page to share with your friends. >> we have a live look outside, a lot of eyes are on the forecast. >> the sun is up in the area, but a lot of fog out there. >> yes, foggy conditions are improving a little. now up to about ten miles. the sun is working and mixing
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readings 48 degrees in waukesha at this hour. warmer in the city with the readings in the mid 50s. the patchy fog early this morning. low beams in the fog. we reach up to 65 today. it is a dry evening for tonight. patchy fog again late tonight and early tomorrow. >> we have a major project morning. matt? >> yep, the ramp of 41 southbound to 94 eastbound and it is in the zoo interchange and one of the busier ramps in the zoo. it is doing pretty well so far. the alternative routes are exiting at watertown plank road or jump off at blue mound and take 84th street. if you forget, try greenfield to
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northbound up to zoo, and 94 eastbound.
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>> welcome back. >> an annual hot air balloon festival turned dangerous yesterday. >> one of the balloons crashed into some power lines. officials were able to get it away from the power lines after the crash. there are some power outages reported. officials say there was a man in the balloon's basket but he was not hurt.
6:42 am
chicago. >> the animal apparently escaped from a slaughterhouse on the city's south side. the lamb dodged traffic on saturday. eventually a worker from the slaughterhouse caught up to the runaway, cornered the lamb and after a brief struggle, loaded him up in a pickup truck. hopefully they took him to become a pet. >> nope. he's going back to the slaughter poor thing. people eat lamb. they do. you know. >> all right, we are getting back to breaking news in waukesha. come to your tv screen. take a look at this. the police are looking for this missing child. he's last seen yesterday afternoon. emergency crews, neighbors, people from around the area are searching for him and have been.
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anyone that has seen andrew is asked to call 911.
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breaking news in waukesha. police are looking for a missing child. 10-year-old andrew ounkham was last seen yesterday afternoon. we are putting up his picture on the screen. police say someone spotted the boy running into a cornfield behind his house near stillwater circle and oxbow drive. authorities and members of the community have been looking for him ever since. this was 3:45 yesterday afternoon. crews are on the ground and in the air trying to spot andrew. he's frightened easily. if you want to help in the search, meet at waukesha west high school and enter through the pool doors. thema is live at the scene in a few minutes. >> weatherwatch 12 now, hurricane matthew is getting closer to haiti and cuba.
6:47 am
hour. the hurricane hunters were in early this morning and finding it is a category 4 storm with 130-mile-per-hour winds. it is going to scrape across the eastern portions of cuba, and also haiti before taking aim on the bahamas. way too early to determine how and if it is going to impact the united states. now, we are going to matt for traffic. >> of the fog this morning. we are in decent shape here. where are the delays? we are going to computer, bypass northbound up to greenfield avenue. 94 eastbound seeing the heavy traffic into downtown. the ramp from 41 southbound to 94 east bound is closed.
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> a deal to end a 50-year civil war in colombia went to voters who rejected the peace agreement. now colombia's president is trying to find a solution that keeps the deal in place. he has declared that a ceasefire will stay in place. hundreds of thousands have died in the conflict with farc. people who protested against the deal say they want the rebels to face justice before any deal is made. >> right now investigators are learning more about a train one person. now, ntsb officials say they have interviewed the train engineer who doesn't remember the crash. the engineer told investigators that the train was going about ten miles an hour as it approached the station. setting back the investigation one of the black boxes on the train was not working. officials have not been able to get ahold of the second data recorder yet it's under a collapsed section of the train station.
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>> unusual situation in st. louis where a 102-year-old wanted to be handcuffed. >> she was so excited. >> the only people in to have a smile on the face. >> well, this morning we have mostly cloudy skies and especially where we are looking at inland patchy fog in place as well. clearing out nicely and sunshine later. you are seeing the visibility inland more compromised overall.
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the temperatures inland are cooler 46 beaver dam. 48 in waukesha. mid 50s warmer along the lake, part of the reason the lake shore areas the visibility is better. low pressure is to the west. we get that in here midweek. until then we see the sunshine. patchy fog for us this morning. it is mixing out as the sun is rising up in the a mix of sun and clouds overall. tomorrow light south wind and pushing the temperatures up for tomorrow to near 70 degrees. this is tomorrow morning, patchy fog early tomorrow before the sun returns. showers hold off until wednesday. we stand a chance with the temperatures into the mid 70s for wednesday and thursday. for today early morning fog and
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we clear out. we are dry for a chunk of wednesday, but showers increasing for thursday. friday a few lingering showers. for the weekend cooler and highs in the upper 50s. matt? >> the chopper is parked this morning because of the fog. we are looking good at 43 mequon. volume is light there. it is betting busy in the regular places, in the construction zone and northbound side of don't forget the closure of the ramp from 41 southbound to 94 east bound. the bypass northbound 894 hale to the zoo. that is a look at the morning commute. >> thank you, matt. >> police are searching for a missing boy with autism. we are going live to thema ponton for the latest.
6:52 am
group of volunteers coming here to help search for this ten-year-old. we just heard from the waukesha police about the breath of the search. the volunteers and authorities are looking for this boy last seen running into a cornfield in this area. they are searching the entire area. we heard a volunteer walk by and say i wore old the police are asking the people to look under their cars before they start them. kids like to hide. if you have playground equipment in the area, look there to see if he might be there. they are searching from the air. there is a helicopter in the air right now and looking for this ten-year-old. dogs on the ground.
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nonverbal. back to you. >> right now firefighters are struggling to get a wild fire under control. the loma fires destroyed a dozen homes and 16 other buildings and people with banding together to help the people forced out of their working to get the mobile homes for those that lost everything in the fire. >> nearly a year since the el faro sank in the bahamas. the family of one of those sailors is remembering him in a special way. mike holland's mother decided to get a tattoo on the one year anniversary of the accident. she chose the same sailor's swallow that mike had on his chest. mike's brother got the bird, too.
6:54 am
with them. >> when a sailor drowns, the swallow will make sure he gets to heaven and that's why he got the swallow so damn big to make sure he got there. >> you might remember the el faro sank after losing power during hurricane joaquin. investigators are still trying to find out if anyone is at fault. >> >> new this morning, a family in florida is furious with their local gas station after they were charged nearly $10,000 for one tank. $10,000 for a tank of gas they found out when a credit card got declined. they checked the statement and found out they'd been charged thousands for a regular tank of gas. somehow the pump thought they had bought 27,000 gallons. two weeks later, they finally got their money back no thanks to the manager. >> it stemmed from the glitch in his gas pump.
6:55 am
the fact that he was wrong. >> i would be so mad. >> can you imagine. >> the manager originally told them it wasn't possible to get their money back. which is a load of you know what. but they contacted the corporate owner of the station who gave them a refund. >> "g.m.a." is coming up with the headlines. >> a live look we are on weatherwatch 12 as we get off to a foggy start a. fiem check on the forecast and commute is up next. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of waukesha as well, the police again looking for ten-year-old andrew ounkam. the crews and neighbors have been searching for him sinz 3:45 yesterday.
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unable to talk.
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>> good morning. we have a problem southbound 43 at the brown deer exit. blocking the left shoulder. heads upcoming down. the regular delays into the construction area.
6:59 am
up in those areas. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> we are dealing with the patchy fog across southern wisconsin. visibilities away from the lake are half mile or less. now waukesha back down to 7 miles. you are seeing the map updating for us. waukesha 48 degrees. we heard earlier, hundreds of cars i parking lot and helping with the search for ten-year-old andrew. a spring like warm up for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> sal, thank you. let's do a final recap of the breaking news, police are searching for a missing boy andrew ounkam. he's ten years old. he was running towards a cornfield. this is where it happened.
7:00 am
searching the area. if you want to help out, go to high school, call 911 if you have seen him. he is autistic good morning, america. matthew on the march. the powerful category 4 hurricane barreling through the caribbean with 130-mile-an-hour winds and life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides. thousands fleeing the coastlines. u.s. citizens told to leave. members evacuated, as the storm tracks north toward the u.s. donald trump's taxes -- the leaked documents, showing he lost nearly a billion dollars in one year, are raising big questions. did trump avoid paying income tax for nearly two decades? his advisers now calling him a genius. critics say he's a tax dodger. as he ramps up the personal attacks on hillary clinton. >> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, if you wanna know the truth. >> with less than a week to their next debate, "saturday night live" takes aim at their first showdown.


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